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2 0076 in the reaction flask thiamine monophosphate hydrochloride, dissolved in purified water, 15 sodium hydroxide was added dropwise to adjust the ph to 11 unchanged and stable, benzoyl chloride, and hydrogen was added dropwise 15 sodium hydroxide to ph 11 control, controlling the reaction temperature at 25 c to ph steady, completion of the reaction, concentrated hydrochloric acid was added and extracted twice with ethyl acetate, the aqueous phase was added dropwise 15 sodium hydroxide to ph 4 was added jing jing planting, filtration, purification of water and acetone crystal, vacuum drying crude benfotiamine; wherein thiamine monophosphate hydrochloride and purified water ratio is lg 4ml; thiamine monophosphate online ester hydrochloride and benzoyl chloride molar ratio of 1 1.

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